Prince Moses Ofori-Atta, PARTNER
Prince Moses Ofori-Atta occupies the position of Partner and Senior Advisor at Whitehall Advisors. He specialises in strategic institutional and finance communications. He has been instrumental in policy and white paper reviews for advocacy and is currently overseeing the state of Ghana’s AML&CFT Framework at the European Commission level.  

Prince Moses is senior Board Member at Nouveaux Mondes, a Paris-based pro-Global South advocacy and lobbying group. His decade-long experience as editor-in-Chief, includes a 6-year stint as editor-in-chief of Groupe Jeune Afrique’s The Africa Report (online and digital editions) and four years as editorial director at L’Afrique sur Internet, a group of Pan-African finance and politics online news entities. He is also the former president of Cercle Andrew Young, a U.S. Department of State Paris-based journalism Think Tank, and executive member of the prestigious Cercle Jefferson, France. 

Prince Moses holds an MA in International Development Studies, with particular research focus on Public Financial Management, from the Institute of Development Studies in the U.K., and a Master’s degree in Service Management from Université d’Angers in France.