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Investing in Africa is lucrative. However, multiple barriers to getting started – perceived country risks, inadequate country data, right skills set with a good appreciation of investor expectations combined with adequate local knowledge – are reasons why Africa’s huge potential remain untapped.
Why us?
With a diverse range of services and expertise, we listen, adapt and deploy optimal solutions that deliver tangible outputs, positive outcomes and significant impacts across multiple value chains.

When you talk, we listen and deliver accordingly.


Our versatile team perceive your business challenges and restructure our techniques to resolve your business needs.


We assign team members with the requisite knowhow to deliver optimal results.

Who we are
A management consulting firm dedicated to supporting business owners and investors to maximise returns on their investments. We provide tailor made advise on how to make and implement better strategic decisions to help our clients to fully realize their business goals.
What we do

We focus on delivering results in the following areas to ensure we are providing superior services to our clients;

Business advisory and reengineering 

Finance and investment 

Feasibility studies and needs assessment 

Due diligence and risk assessment 

Value for money (VFM) assessment 

Market research and access 

Tax advisory services

How we do
For every engagement we apply our tried and tested three step approach of listening, adapting, and deploying best practices to ensure optimal results.
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Business reengineering and advisory

We provide expert business advisory and reengineering services - our team of expert consultants have over the years provided multiple advisory services around the world.

Finance and investment

With our affiliates and partners around the world, we provide ready financing solutions for your business needs.

Feasibility studies and needs assessment

Our team of expert researchers provide up to date data and market intelligence for efficient and effective business decisions.

Due diligence and risk assessment

Want to undertake a project? We provide a wide range of risk assessment scenarios as well as undertake due diligence to ensure validity of information. 

Value for money (VFM) assessment

Our team comprises of renowned expertise in various industries and are ready to ensure the best value for money for your project needs.

Market research and access

Our existence in Ghana and Africa give us leverage - we provide services that make it easier for new companies to set up in Africa.

Tax advisory services

Our tax advisory services constitute a wide range of related tax services tailored to suit your needs.

We provide other financial and consultancy services tailored for every clients.

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Whitehall Advisors Limited partners Africa Skills Hub to support 1000 businesses in Ghana.